Emergency Roof Repairs

Our estimators and crews are available 24/7 to assist you with any emergency repairs you may need. We will come out and immediately tarp your home should you need immediate relief until you can file your claim with your insurance company.

Hail Damage

When your home is a victim of hail damage, you may not be able to see immediate signs of damage. The hail typically has to be golf ball size to bruise or break through your roofing structure; however, older roofs are damaged much easier because the roofing material is much more brittle. The leak will usually not come as a result of the hail but over time the bruise that it left will be impacted by environmental conditions and will turn into a hole which then becomes the leak. Mastercraft technicians will provide you a no obligation free inspection should you be concerned about any damage your roof may have sustained. Be proactive before the impact of the hail causes interior damage to your home!

Your Preferred Contractor

Mastercraft is a preferred contractor for many insurance companies. As a network member, Mastercraft meets the industry’s strictest credentialing requirements. These repair networks require recertification every year. You will be assured that you are working with a highly qualified professional contractor meeting all of the following:

  • Proven experience in property restoration

  • Financial credentialing on a quarterly basis

  • Criminal background check on all employees that are on job site

  • Meet specific insurance requirements including general liability, worker’s compensation, owned auto liability and excess liability

  • Provide additional warranty coverage and indemnification for contractor negligence

At Mastercraft, we pride ourselves in being part of several managed repair programs to include but not limited to Contractor Connection, Bright Serv, Nexxus, and Lionsbridge. We use a proven process that incorporates technology, people, and process to drive network performance. These repair programs track our assignment activity and measures our key performance indicators on each assignment. This provides the highest level of accountability for us, and in turn excellent customer satisfaction.

Storm Wind Damage

During a wind storm, the wind can blow a shingle or multiple shingles off or force rain underneath the shingle or shingles. The granules on top of the shingles are the primary source of protection of that shingle from the outside elements. When wind blows that grainy protective surface off the top layer of the shingle, the durability of the shingle is compromised. This type of scenario coupled with previous less intense wind or hail exposure, and/or merely an older roof can be the perfect recipe for more extensive problems. Wind damage is typically more difficult to identify and evaluate especially by a homeowner. However, our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to identify any damage and furthermore explain to the homeowner and/or insurance company why there is an indication for a roof replacement or repair or why a replacement versus a repair is the best solution. We take extreme pride in being an advocate for our customers and assisting you in getting the settlement you deserve!

Direct Insurance Billing

At Mastercraft our insurance coordination team directly bills your insurance company which guarantees that you will never pay more than your deductible. Our technicians will meet onsite with your insurance representative to discuss the condition of your roof and our office personnel can complete and submit all paperwork and supporting documentation related to your insurance claim. We believe it is our job to make replacing your roof after a storm event as stress free as possible and we strive to provide our customers with exceptional customer service.

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We realize you have many choices in roofing and construction companies but rest assured Mastercraft will provide industry-leading services throughout all our service areas in Texas.

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